Nombre del/de la promotor(a) comunitario(a) rural Debbie Newport

Comunidad: Sisters, OR

Función: Nonprofit Champion

¿Cuál es la palabra o frase que describe a esta persona como promotor(a) comunitario(a) rural? Superstar

Reconocido por:  Janel Ruehl

Cuéntenos un poco lo que aprecias de un RCB:: Debbie Newport is a retired school counselor and school administrator and has championed many efforts to improve the lives of children in Sisters Country. She promotes a prosperous community through her instrumental support of local non-profit organizations, including the Sisters Folk Festival, Circle of Friends, and C4C. Debbie recently led the Executive Director search for both C4C and Circle of Friends. She has served on the Board for the Folk Festival and has volunteered countless hours of her time over the past several years for a wide variety of community needs and projects. Debbie was one of eight Sisters Community Champion Award winners in 2021!