Nombre del/de la promotor(a) comunitario(a) rural  Jayn Baird

Comunidad: Baker City, OR

Función: Head Start Family Service Specialist

Reconocido por: Robert Kleng

¿Cuál es la palabra o frase que describe a esta persona como promotor(a) comunitario(a) rural? Dedicada

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Jayn and her husband site prepped, installed, and completed all finishing work, including fencing, at our Baker City Head Start Playground. She did this because it needed to be done. EOUHS did not ask her to do this work, she knew the kids deserved it. I remember speaking to her about this project and the difficulty I was having securing a contractor and she told me, “I’ll take care of it”. I aspire to be as selfless as Jayn and her husband Ron.