Nombre del/de la promotor(a) comunitario(a) rural  Mike Chavez

Comunidad: Coos Bay/North Bend, OR

Función: Social Media support for local small businesses and non-profits, disaster planning and resilience work

Reconocido por: Michelle Martin

¿Cuál es la palabra o frase que describe a esta persona como promotor(a) comunitario(a) rural? Just as his name says, Mike is a “Bear” when it comes to protecting and fighting for his community!

Cuéntenos un poco lo que aprecias de un RCB::

I am inspired by Mike “The Bear” Chavez and his ability to engage and support everyone around him. Mike is a local radio station manager, but that is just the beginning!  His experience in life and desire to help his fellow man shine through in everything he does.  He helps small businesses in Coos County develop their websites and social media content and while this is part of his job, he goes way above and beyond to help those with little ability to afford those costs, such as the many nonprofits in our community.  He also participates in work connected to making our community resilient and facilitates several social media pages to keep folks up to date and informed.  So honored to know him as a friend and a community member….a true community builder and connector!