Nombre del/de la promotor(a) comunitario(a) rural  Rico Gutierrez

Comunidad: Yreka, CA

Función: Case Manager/ Crisis worker

Reconocido por:  Melissa Duke

¿Cuál es la palabra o frase que describe a esta persona como promotor(a) comunitario(a) rural? Kind

Cuéntenos un poco lo que aprecias de un RCB:: This person goes above and beyond to make people feel heard and appreciated. This person advocates for the mentally ill and homeless in his community. This person never asks for anything in return and humbly without fail, recognizes each individual as a special person. This person has a heart of gold and will give you the last that he has to see you smile. This person shows up each day making a difference in the lives of others. This person does so much of it on his own time and out of the goodness of his heart. This person’s name is Rico Gutierrez. He is my friend, and he is amazing.