Rural Community Builder Name: Brandi Patterson

Community: Siskiyou-Klamath Ecoregion

Role: Office Administration

What is one word or phrase that describes this person as an RCB: Generous

Recognized by: Morgan Murray

Tell us a bit about what you appreciate about them as an RCB:

This rural community builder is incredibly inspiring because she stands tall in the face of adversity and stays soft to comfort those around her.

Brandi’s super power is that she is a mom. She meets and treats everyone in our community like her child. Not in a condescending or overly protective way, but in the way that she is there, cheering you on from the sidelines, comforting you when you’re fatigued, and making sure others are treating you fairly.

My favorite memory of Brandi (thus far) was pre-covid when a student showed up for a summer camp. It was the first time this student had been away from home and was having a really hard time joining in with the other campers. Brandi sat with this camper for nearly an hour showing him animal pelts, relating to him, and validating his emotions. When he felt ready to rejoin the campers, Brandi walked him out and waited on the side until he was running and playing with the others.

This is just one small story about Brandi but I hope it shows how caring and giving she is. In her daily work she is constantly improving the workplace vibe with her big smile and amazing humor.