Rural Community Builder Name: Chris Moore

Community: Yamhill County

Role: Community Supporter

What is one word or phrase that describes this person as an RCB: A Doer

Recognized by: Max Gimbel

Tell us a bit about what you appreciate about them as an RCB: Chris was on a visit to the Detroit area supporting his wife and Ford Institute Field Coordinator Denise Bacon. She was there as part of her community building and wildfire recovery work. But while Chris, who has been a loyal employee at Newberg Les Schwab for many years now, was there he noticed that the tires on the Idanha-Detroit Rural Fire district’s engine were old and in need of replacement. Not one to just see that, feel sorry for them and wonder what might happen, he tapped into his care, connections and capacity. He reached out to Les Schwab in Sublimity and Newberg and found a donation of 6 tires for the 1990 Ford Grumman engine. And not only did he help acquire the tires, but he came and changed the tires out. This saved time for the fire crew and minimized time the engine was out for service. Mind you, the fire fighters in the Idanha-Detroit district are all volunteer and recently experienced a traumatic and heroic event last Sept. And that engine had been through a lot! Chris, I’m inspired because you didn’t just see a problem and move on, you saw it, and made it right. Thank you for your service as a rural community builder. For more…