Rural Community Builder Name:  Dolly Brock

Community: Florence, OR

Role: Volunteer Extraordinaire

Recognized by:  Dina Pavlis

What is one word or phrase that describes this person as an RCB: Compassionate

Tell us a bit about what you appreciate about them as an RCB:

Dolly is always willing to step in to help whenever there is a need. For almost two years she has delivered food for “Soup Brigade,” a group that delivers meals to those in need. She volunteers for countless community groups and projects to help improve our community and takes an interest in supporting issues that are in line with our community’s Siuslaw Vision.

Here is what she wrote in July of 2021 about Soup Brigade:

“About a year ago, I asked Cindy if I could help deliver for the Soup Brigade. The folks I deliver to are so appreciative, but I feel like I’m the one who’s receiving the gift. I have a delivery route each Thursday — it usually takes less than an hour — and I love seeing my “regulars.” It feels good to be even a small part of this amazing effort — taking care of folks right here in my community. Please consider helping — there are lots of ways to be a part of the effort.”