Nombre del/de la promotor(a) comunitario(a) rural  Jessica Matthews

Comunidad: Siskiyou County, CA

Función: Coordinating Local Disaster Resiliency

Reconocido por: Crystal Aston

¿Cuál es la palabra o frase que describe a esta persona como promotor(a) comunitario(a) rural? Mobilizer

Cuéntenos un poco lo que aprecias de un RCB::

Jessica inspires neighbors to take action to make their community fire wise and resilient. Through nurturing trust and relationships between communities and the agencies that serve them, she is helping to create a community building culture.

Her work with Mt. Shasta Bioregional Ecology Center is skilling up local residents and giving them the tools and trust in one another, to take action and make our communities more resilient- one neighborhood at a time!