Rural Community Builder Name:  Kacee Lathrop

Community: Heppner, OR

Role: 4-H Leader for Morrow County, Basketball Coach, Volunteer Bus Driver

Recognized by:  K’Lynn Lane

What is one word or phrase that describes this person as an RCB: Extraordinary

Tell us a bit about what you appreciate about them as an RCB:

Let’s take a moment to shine a spotlight on someone truly extraordinary in her community of Heppner, OR.
Kacee’s heart is loyal, and her dedication to making our community a better place is beyond inspiring. She wears many hats, all of them with pride and passion. As a 4-H Leader for Morrow County, she’s nurturing the next generation with wisdom, skills, and a whole lot of hard work.
Kacee’s also making her mark on the basketball court, coaching with a spirit that motivates and uplifts. She goes above and beyond as a volunteer bus driver. And when she’s not calling the shots from the sidelines, she’s crunching numbers and doing the game stats, proving that her dedication knows no bounds. 🏀🚌📊
Your kindness, hard work, and loyalty to your community haven’t gone unnoticed. You embody the very essence of what it means to be a caring neighbor and a true leader. Your efforts ripple far and wide, touching the lives of those fortunate enough to know you. Rural Community Builders of Oregon and Siskiyou County celebrates you and your leadership.