Rural Community Builder Name: Rennie Cleland

Community: Dorris-Butte Valley, CA

Role: Dorris Lion’s Club, Butte Valley Museum & Historical Society, ORE-CAL RC&D, Volcanic Legacy Community Partnership, Rural Klamath Connects

What is one word or phrase that describes this person as an RCB: Proud FILP graduate and rural community builder who gives 110% in everything he does.

Recognized by: Katie Jameson

Tell us a bit about what you appreciate about them as an RCB: Rennie is passionate, kind, and cares deeply about his community, along with neighboring small communities in the Klamath Basin. He always looks for opportunities to work together to makes things better and has a positive “can do” attitude. Rennie is a proud Ford Institute Leadership Program (FILP) graduate and has used his skills and experience to better his community and the region. He is incredibly community-minded, hard-working, and always seeking new opportunities. Rennie embodies the rural community builder spirit and is a champion for Siskiyou and Klamath Counties.