Rural Community Builder Name:  Eddy Provost

Community: Alsea, OR

Role: President of Alsea Community Effort

Recognized by: Meredith Howell

What is one word or phrase that describes this person as an RCB: Enthusiasm

Tell us a bit about what you appreciate about them as an RCB:

Eddy is new to the nonprofit world. He spent most of his life out at sea as a mariner. He and his wife moved to Alsea and now he is the President of Alsea Community Effort.

What inspires me about Eddy is his willingness to try new things and the enthusiasm he brings to community work. Need a new roof on our building – “We can do that!” Need a new HVAC system? – “We can do that!” Need a new stage for music performances – “We can do that!”

The joy and enthusiasm that he brings to this work, motivates those around him to reach high and succeed